Consists of a total of 18 hours which must include:

CGS 250Introduction to Contemporary Global Studies *3
Select 15 additional hours from approved International Courses including:15
Approved Study Abroad Program **3

Must be taken in either the fall or spring semester of the senior year, and it must follow completion of the other aforementioned requirements. 


In which a minimum of three credits are earned. International students residing in the U.S. in a non-immigrant visa status are exempt from the study abroad requirement.

No more than six of the 18 hours for the minor may be taken from a single discipline.

The current list of approved courses is available in the Center for Global Programs and Studies and on its website. Additional elective courses may have been approved since publication of this bulletin. The program coordinator maintains a complete list of all approved elective courses. For course descriptions, see the relevant department’s listings in this publication.

Global Thematic Studies

Three courses (preferably selected from two categories). Categories include cultural studies (religion, music, and literature), socioeconomic studies, and geopolitical studies.

Cultural Studies
ANT 336Myth, Ritual and Symbolism3
ANT 350Language, Indigeneity and Globalization3
ANT 355Language and Culture3
ANT 360Anthropology of Global Health3
ANT 383
ANT 384
Field program in Cultural Anthropology
and Field Program in Cultural Anthropology
ART 260Classics of World Cinema3
COM 350Intercultural Communication3
COM 351AComparative Communication: Japan3
COM 354International Communication3
COM 370Special Topics (when topic is Cross-Cultural Communication in Multinational Organizations)3
ENG 358Postcolonial Literature3
ENG 359Studies in Postcolonial Literature3
FRH 216Studies in French and Francophone Literature and Culture3
FRH 370Seminar in French and Francophone Studies3
HMN 225Literature, Travel, and Discovery3
HMN 290The Humanities through Film, Literature and Media3
HST 256The U.S and the World, 1763-19143
HST 257The U.S and the World since 19143
HST 341Africans in the Atlantic World, 1750-18153
HST 343The Silk Roads3
HST 384Global Outlaws History since 15003
CGS 150
CGS 151
CGS 152
Preparing for Cross-Cultural Engagement Abroad
and Cross-Cultural Engagement Abroad
and Cross-Cultural Engagement and Re-entry (all 3 courses must be taken to count for the minor)
CGS 349Japanese and American Culture: Cross-Cultural Communication3
MSC 101Introduction to the Music of World Cultures3
PSY 357Cross-Cultural Psychology3
REL 305Ethnography of Religion3
REL 361Topics in Buddhism3
REL 362Topics in Islam3
REL 381Zen Buddhism3
SPA 347Contemporary Theater in Spain and Spanish America3
SPA 356Transgressing Borders: Identity in Latin-American and U.S. Latino Cultures3
THE 374Contemporary World Drama3
Socio-economic Studies
ANT 337Economic Anthropology3
BEM 315Managing in a Global Context3
BEM 322Global Marketing Strategy3
BEM 391Global Business Studies3
ECN 351International Trade3
ECN 352International Finance3
ECN 358Economic Growth and Development3
FIN 234International Finance3
HST 350World Economic History: Globalization, Wealth and Poverty, 1500-Present3
CGS 260Seminar in Global Trade and Commerce Studies3
CGS 363Global Capitalism3
POL 239State, Economy, and International Competitiveness3
SOC 363Global Capitalism3
Geopolitical Studies
EDU 271Geography: The Human Environment3
EDU 273Geography: The Natural Environment3
EDU 274Environmental Geography3
HST 309European International Relations since World War I3
HST 369Modern Military History3
POL 237The Comparative Politics of Welfare States3
POL 238Comparative Economic and Political Development3
POL 245Ethnonationalism3
POL 253International Political Economy3
POL 255Terrorism and Political Violence3
POL 256International Security3
POL 261International Law3
POL 262International Organizations3
POL 263U.S. Foreign Policy in the Middle East3
POL 264Moral Dilemmas in International Politics3
PHI 366Global Justice3
WGS 329Politics of Gender and Sexuality: Cross-Cultural Perspectives3

Regional Studies

Two courses preferably selected from a single region. Regions include Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East.

ENG 356Literature of the Caribbean3
HST 269African History since 18503
HST 336Gender and Power in African History3
HST 340Urban Africa3
HST 341Africans in the Atlantic World, 1750-18153
HST 378Race, Memory, and Identity3
POL 242Topics in Comparative Politics3
POL 252Topics in International Politics3
REL 339Religion, Power, and Society in Modern Africa3
ANT 334People and Cultures of South Asia3
ART 204South Asian Art and Architecture3
EAL 271Mass Culture in Modern China3
EAL 272Fiction and Film from Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Beyond3
EAL 375Senior Research Seminar3
EAS 311Special Topics in East Asian Studies1-3
EAS 381Independent Research in East Asian Studies1-3
HST 245Modern China since 18503
HST 247Japan since 16003
HST 347The Rise of Asian Economic Power since WWII3
POL 241Contemporary India3
POL 246Politics and Policies in South Asia3
POL 248Chinese Politics3
REL 263The Religions of Japan3
REL 282Religion and Culture in China3
REL 361Topics in Buddhism3
REL 381Zen Buddhism3
REL 385Topics in South Asian Religions3
REL 386Indian Epics3
ART 230Spanish Art and Architecture3
ART 235Arts of London3
ART 276Austrian Art and Architecture3
ECN 372Selected Areas in Economics1-3
ENG 362Irish Literature in the Twentieth Century3
ENG 368Studies in Irish Literature3
FRH 360Cinema and Society3
FRH 363Trends in French and Francophone Poetry3
FRH 364French and Francophone Prose Fiction3
FRH 365French and Francophone Drama3
GER 214Masterpieces of Austrian Literature3
GER 321German Culture and Civilization II3
GER 350German-Jewish Literature and Culture3
GER 381German Literature from 1700-18153
GER 383German Literature from 1815-19003
GER 385German Literature from 1900 to Present3
GES 331Weimar Germany3
GES 335German Film3
GES 337Myth and National Identity Formation3
GES 341Austrian Literature in Translation3
GES 390German Women Writers3
GES 397Intellectual History of Weimar3
HST 218France since 18153
HST 220Germany: Unification to Unification 1871 to 19903
HST 224Great Britain since 17503
HST 225History of Venice3
HST 231Russia and Soviet Union: 1865 to Present3
HST 232Introduction to Russian and East European Studies3
HST 309European International Relations since World War I3
HST 318Weimar Germany3
HST 328History of the English Common Law3
HST 333European Diplomacy 1848-19143
HST 389The British Empire in the Middle East3
HMN 228Viennese Culture 1860-19143
IAS 325Italian Neorealism in Films and Novels3
ITA 324Italian Regional Cultures3
ITA 326Comedy in Italian Cinema3
ITA 327Modern Italian Cinema3
ITA 333Italian Theatre3
ITA 335Italian Women Writers3
ITA 336Italian Women and the City3
ITA 338South in Contemporary Italy3
POL 202Political Structures of Present-day Spain3
POL 231Western European Politics3
POL 232Politics in Russia and Eastern Europe3
POL 233The Politics of Modern Germany3
POL 234United Kingdom Politics in a Global Age3
POL 235European Integration3
RUS 210Russians and Their World3
RUS 341Russian Literature in Translation3
SPA 334Voices of Modern Spain3
SPA 342From Colonial to Postcolonial Voices3
SPA 346Transatlantic Transitions: Postdictatorship in Spain and the Southern Cone3
SPA 348Contemporary Women Novelists and their Female Characters3
SPA 349Great Authors and Directors1.5-3
SPA 351Cinema and Society3
Latin America
BEM 322Global Marketing Strategy3
EDU 373Comparative and International Education (offered in Spain)3
HST 275Modern Latin America3
HST 284Latin America's Colonial Past3
HST 374Protest and Rebellion in Latin America3
LAS 210Introduction to Latin-American and Latino Studies3
LAS 220CAfro-Cuban Cultural Expression3
LAS 310Special Topics in Latin American and Latino Studies3
LAS 398Individual Study3
MSC 104Music of Latin America3
POL 236Government and Politics in Latin America3
POL 257Politics of International Development3
SPA 342From Colonial to Postcolonial Voices3
SPA 347Contemporary Theater in Spain and Spanish America3
SPA 355Romantic Nationalism, Avant-garde Nihilism, and the Deconstruction of Utopia3
SPA 356Transgressing Borders: Identity in Latin-American and U.S. Latino Cultures3
SPA 360Contemporary Theatre3
Middle East
HST 388Nation, Faith, and Gender in the Middle East3
HST 389The British Empire in the Middle East3
POL 259Palestine and the Arab-Israeli Conflict3
POL 263U.S. Foreign Policy in the Middle East3
POL 274Arab and Islamic Political Thought3