Interdisciplinary Minor

Globalization has proliferated in the 21st century due to advances in transportation and communication technology. As a result, interaction between people and companies has increased on a worldwide scale. Therefore, an understanding of the global nature of transactions among corporate and social enterprises can impact one’s career success.

The Global Trade and Commerce minor seeks to provide such understanding by offering students in the College and in the School of Business an opportunity to complement their major field of study with coursework having both a global focus and a significant business or economics component. This coursework spans business, the humanities, literatures, and social sciences. Furthermore, students are required to participate in a study abroad experience for academic credit. As a capstone, seniors pursuing the minor must take a course designed to synthesize their individual and collective learning from previous courses taken towards Global Trade and Commerce.

For students in the College, the minor provides an opportunity to delve into aspects of history, economics, policy, and cultures related to global enterprises. For students in the Business School, the minor fulfills the concentration in international business for Business and Enterprise Management (BEM) majors.

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Global Trade and Commerce Studies