A major in statistics or applied statistics can be achieved by satisfying the requirements listed for the bachelor of science. Lower division students are urged to consult a member of the departmental faculty before enrolling in courses other than those satisfying Division V requirements.

To declare a major in either Statistics or Applied Statistics, a student must have completed MTH 112, STA 112, and either MTH 117 or MTH 121, earning a grade of C or higher in each course. A minimum grade point average of 2.0 in courses which comprise a major or minor in the department is required for graduation with any major or minor which the department offers. Students may major in Mathematical Business and minor in statistics, but at most 2 elective courses may be counted towards both the major and the minor . Students may not minor in statistics and also major in either statistics or applied statistics.

The department regularly schedules activities in statistics for students that enhance the course offerings. Examples are:

  • the American Statistical Association DataFest
  • Local chapter of the AWM (American Women in Mathematics)
  • data science and hackathon events
  • meetings of the mathematics and statistics club
  • seminars and courses which build upon the regularly scheduled course offerings
  • student research with faculty
  • The Math and Stats Center provides an opportunity for students to receive tutoring in all MTH and STA courses throughout the year. Opportunities to serve as a tutor are also available.

Students who are enrolled at Wake Forest may not take courses in statistics at other institutions to satisfy divisional requirements.  

Contact Information

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