Philosophy examines such topics as consciousness, knowledge, justice, free will, good and evil, and the nature of religious experience and belief. Engagement with the central questions of philosophy is valuable in itself; it is also valuable as a means of developing analytical, critical, and imaginative skills useful in the study of most other subjects, in the pursuit of careers as varied as law, business, medicine, science, education, and the arts, and in effective participation in civic life. A liberal arts education should introduce students to rigorous thinking and writing about philosophical issues and to the reading of great philosophical texts. We help to realize this goal through the courses we offer, through one-on-one discussion with students, and by presenting lectures, colloquia, and debates open to the University and the public.

Any 3-hour philosophy course numbered PHI 220 or lower counts towards satisfying the Division I  requirement. Courses taken elsewhere after a student has enrolled at Wake Forest University will not count towards satisfying the Division I requirement in philosophy.

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