The mission of the engineering major is to educate students in an engineering curriculum that embraces and supports the unique culture of Wake Forest by combining the liberal arts core, innovative entrepreneurship, and engineering.  The program provides an undergraduate engineering education that embodies the teacher-scholar ideal, emphasizing the close faculty-student engagement that is the hallmark of the Wake Forest community.  Our goal is to attract enthusiastic students from around the US and the world who will make important contributions to solving society’s most pressing problems, fulfilling the Pro Humanitate motto of Wake Forest University.

Declaring a Major

In declaring Engineering as a major, we recommend students declare as soon as they complete 40 credit hours at WFU. All students majoring in Engineering will be assigned an Engineering Faculty Major Advisor to support progress towards degree completion.  Students must first declare the major before declaring an Engineering Concentration.

Students choosing to double major in Engineering and another major may count any class required by both majors as fulfilling the requirements of both majors. The courses required for the Bachelor of Science in Engineering degree that fall into this category are: EGR 111, EGR 112, EGR 211, EGR 212, EGR 311, EGR 312, EGR 313, EGR 314, EGR 315, PHY 113/PHY 113L, MTH 111, MTH 112, MTH 113, and MTH 205. Any courses not on this list are considered electives. Electives towards the required 47 credits of engineering may be counted for only one major. However, electives towards the required 30 credits of Math/Basic Science may count towards other majors as well, whether required or not.

Note that when a student declares a major or minor, the requirements for the major or minor that are in effect at the time of declaration will apply. See the Requirements for Degrees section for further details. 

Study Abroad

Students considering study abroad should consult with the Engineering Academic Advisor. The second year or fall of the third year are the most flexible semesters for Engineering students to study abroad.  Students are recommended to go to the Study Abroad office to discuss potential programs during their first year. Students cannot take courses abroad to count towards any core Engineering courses (EGR 111, EGR 112, EGR 211, EGR 212, EGR 311, EGR 312, EGR 313, EGR 314, or EGR 315), however, they can take courses to count towards any other major or minor requirements. Courses taken to count towards EGR technical elective requirements are not pre-approved by the Engineering Department. To seek approval, the student must submit the course syllabus to the Engineering Academic Advisor for pre-screening and then submit all course work after course completion to be considered.

Undergraduate Research

At the start of each semester, we source research projects that our students can pursue via EGR 281s or EGR 381s. Students are encouraged to talk with Engineering Faculty if they are interested in pursuing research.


Unpaid internships may be eligible for course credit and the possibility of engineering technical elective credit.  Students should consult with their Engineering major advisor about course-credit options for internship opportunities.

Special Note. Students enrolled at Wake Forest may not take courses in engineering at other institutions to satisfy the divisional requirement.

Contact Information

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