The department offers courses in the history of art, architecture, printmaking, photography, and film from the ancient through modern periods, and the practice of studio art in six areas: drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, photography, and video art. Opportunities to supplement the regular academic program of the department include study abroad in Wake Forest residential study centers, changing art exhibitions in the gallery of the Scales Fine Arts Center, exhibition of student work in the START gallery, and internships in local museums and arts organizations. The art department requires a minimum GPA of 2.0 in the major for graduation. 

The department offers two majors, art history and studio art, each requiring ten courses of three or more semester hours each. Any student interested in majoring or minoring in art should contact the art department. Students may major in one field and minor in the other by successfully completing a minimum of 13 courses in art, of which at least eight courses must be in the major field and at least four courses in the minor field.

The department accepts only three courses from a non-Wake Forest program for credit toward the major or minor. Of these three courses, only two may be in the same area of concentration as the major or minor. That is, an art history major or minor may take up to two art history courses and one studio course; a studio major or minor may take up to two studio art courses and one art history course at a non-Wake Forest program. All studio courses taken abroad are assigned ART 210.

Students enrolled at Wake Forest may not take courses in studio art or art history at other institutions to satisfy divisional requirements.

Contact Information

Department of Art
Scales Fine Arts Center 110A, Box 7232
Phone 336-758-5310