The department offers courses of study leading to majors and minors in Chinese Language and Culture and Japanese Language and Culture respectively. Because of the number of prerequisite courses and the study abroad requirement for the majors, students are encouraged to start the major as early as possible. Requests for substitutions and exceptions to the stated curriculum should be made to the department chair. The requirements for completion of each degree program are those in effect in the bulletin year when the students declare the major or minor.

CHI 101First-year Chinese I4
or JPN 101 First-year Japanese I
CHI 102First-year Chinese II4
or JPN 102 First-year Japanese II
CHI 153Second-year Chinese I4
or JPN 153 Second-year Japanese I
CHI 201Second-year Chinese II4
or JPN 201 Second-year Japanese II

Study abroad credit transfer. Non-equivalent courses approved as CHI/JPN/EAL 500 will count toward the major or minor. Courses approved as CHI/JPN/EAL 520 will count as elective hours toward graduation only.

Chinese and Japanese courses at the 100-level may not be taken pass-fail. Any exception to the policy must arise from exceptional circumstances and must be approved by the Chair of the department.

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