The program for each student majoring in physics is developed through consultation with the student’s major adviser and may lead to either a bachelor of arts or a bachelor of science degree. The bachelor of arts degree requires a minimum of basic physics courses and allows a wide selection of electives related to the student’s interests in other disciplines, such as medicine, law, and business. The bachelor of science degree is designed for students planning careers in physics.

While the physics major can be started in the sophomore year, students are encouraged to take PHY 123  (or PHY 113) and PHY 124 (or PHY 114) and MST 111 and MST 112 in the first year. If this sequence is followed, the physics major may be completed with considerable flexibility in exercising various options, such as the five-year BS/MS program. If physics is not taken in the first year, the degree requirements in physics may still be completed by the end of the senior year if a beginning course is taken in the sophomore year. A candidate for the 3-2 engineering program would also complete three years of the bachelor of science physics major program prior to transfer. (Consult the chair of the department for additional information on these five-year programs.)

No student may be a candidate for a degree with a major in physics with a grade less than C in General Physics without special permission of the department. Students must achieve a minimum GPA of 2.0 in physics courses for graduation. In addition, all major students, except BS Engineering, must take the ETS Major Field Test in Physics during their senior year, or as determined by the department and communicated by the major adviser(s).

Physics courses satisfying Division V requirements must be taken at Wake Forest. Satisfactory completion of the laboratory work is required for a passing grade in all courses with a laboratory.

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