The Program's mission is to guide students towards proficiency in Italian and toward the knowledge necessary to communicate effectively in a variety of cultural contexts. Foreign language literacy and intercultural competence are central components of a liberal arts education and open up diverse and unique career opportunities. 


Italian Studies offers a minor in Italian Language and Culture and a foreign area study in Italian Studies. The requirements for completion are those in effect in the bulletin year when the declaration of the minor or foreign area study occurs.

Study Abroad

The Department strongly encourages students of Italian to spend a year, a semester, or a summer studying abroad. Overseas study in concert with on-campus coursework helps students develop greater fluency, deeper knowledge of other cultures, and increased awareness of their own language, attitudes, and beliefs. 

Special Notes

Pass/Fail Policy for 100-Level Language Courses:

Sophomores, juniors, and seniors may choose to take 100-level language courses pass/fail, subject to instructor approval and the following requirements:

  1. Pass/fail students must achieve an overall course grade of C or better to pass.
  2. Pass/fail students are subject to the same attendance policy as all students.
  3. Pass/fail students must complete each component of the course included in the syllabus grade breakdown. That is, students will not be able to skip any one part of the course, such as homework or the final exam, and still earn a passing grade.

Contact Information

Italian Studies
Greene Hall 324, Box 7566
Phone 336-758-5487