Students in the College are encouraged to apply to special programs, both on and off campus, which complement their abilities and interests. These include the programs described below and the special degrees, minors, and concentrations described in the courses of instruction.

Honors Study

For highly qualified students, a series of interdisciplinary honors courses is described under Departments/Programs.

For students especially talented in individual areas of study, most departments in the College offer special studies leading to graduation with honors in a particular discipline. The minimum requirement is a grade point average of 3.0 in all work and 3.3 (or higher in some areas) in the major. Other course, seminar, and research requirements are determined by each department.

Open Curriculum

For students with high motivation and strong academic preparation, the Open Curriculum provides the opportunity to follow a course of study planned within the framework of a liberal arts education, but not necessarily fulfilling all core requirements for the degree. The Committee on Interdisciplinary Majors, as the administrative body for the Open Curriculum Program, selects a limited number of students based on their previous record of achievement, high aspirations, ability in one or more areas of study, strength of self-expression, and other special talents. The course of study for the core requirements is designed by the student and his or her Open Curriculum advisor.

Study at Salem College

For full-time students in the fall and spring semesters, Wake Forest and Salem College share a program of exchange credits for courses taken at one institution because they are not offered in the curriculum of the other. An application for the Salem/Wake Forest Exchange Credit program must be approved by the academic advisor and the University Registrar or the dean of the School of Business. Please visit the University Registrar to begin the application process. Except in courses of private instruction, there is no additional cost to the student. Grades and grade points earned at Salem College under the Exchange Credit program are evaluated as if they were earned at Wake Forest.

Courses that are in the Wake Forest curriculum generally cannot be taken at Salem through this program. In very unusual circumstances, a student may wish to seek assistance in appealing to the Committee on Academic Affairs.

Center for Global Programs and Studies

The Center for Global Programs & Studies (GPS) advances a global campus community and cultivates global mindsets through collaborative initiatives, programs, and services for the University. Program areas include: study abroad/away, community-based global learning, cross-cultural engagement course series, campus programs with a global learning focus, and Contemporary Global Studies and Global Trade & Commerce minors. A complete list of services offered by GPS can be found online

Study Abroad/Away

Students interested in studying abroad or away (in the case of the Wake Washington program) should visit GPS for assistance and program information. All students planning to study abroad/away on a Wake Forest or an affiliate program (approved non-Wake Forest program) are required first to schedule an appointment with a study abroad advisor. All students must submit an online study abroad application. For more information visit this website

Eligibility for Study Abroad/Away

In order to be eligible for study abroad/away on a Wake Forest or affiliate program (approved non-Wake Forest program) students must:

  1. Have completed two semesters of coursework before beginning the program unless approved by the appropriate dean in the College and the Center for Global Programs and Studies
  2. Have a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or above
  3. Be in good judicial standing and not be on suspension from Wake Forest 
  4. Be an active degree seeking student at Wake Forest during the term abroad/away
  5. Obtain approval of the program from the Center for Global Programs and Studies before applying to any affiliate program (consult a study abroad advisor for the program approval  process)
  6. Fulfill all required steps of the study abroad/away process as outlined by the Center for Global Programs and Studies
  7. Attend a mandatory pre-departure orientation

Students who do not meet the above criteria will not be eligible for study abroad/away and will not receive credit for any coursework taken outside the U.S. or from a domestic study away program. Students who study abroad/away on affiliate programs must follow all policies on transfer credit as stated in this Undergraduate Bulletin.

Note that any student possessing less than a 2.0 cumulative grade point average is not eligible to receive transfer credit from an affiliate study abroad/away program (See the transfer credit section of this Undergraduate Bulletin.)