Interdisciplinary Major

This interdisciplinary Bachelor of Science major, jointly offered by the Departments of Biology and Chemistry, provides a strong foundation in biological chemistry and molecular biology, and related topics at the interface of these two disciplines. The major is designed to build conceptual understanding and practical and critical thinking skills to address current biological, biochemical, and biomedical challenges. A required research experience spanning multiple semesters, culminating in a senior project, will give students strong experimental skills and provide insight into biochemical and molecular biological experimental approaches and results that demonstrate the function of biological molecules. To graduate with a biochemistry and molecular biology major, students must have a minimum GPA of 2.0 in required and elective BIO, BMB, and CHM courses taken at Wake Forest. At the time of major declaration, students will select a major concentration either in biochemistry or in molecular biology. Policies for transfer credits are set by the biology and chemistry departments, as outlined in their bulletin sections.

Policies for the Majors and Minors and other Programs of Study

1. The Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, regardless of concentration, cannot be used as a double major with Biology or Chemistry.

2. Due to the number of shared courses, a Biochemistry and Molecular Biology major, regardless of concentration, cannot declare a minor in Biology or Chemistry.

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