The department offers programs leading to the BA and BS degrees in chemistry. The BS degrees are certified by the American Chemical Society. A minimum GPA of 2.0 in the first two years of chemistry is required of students who elect to major in the department. Admission to any class is contingent upon satisfactory grades in prerequisite courses, and registration for advanced courses must be approved by the department. Candidates for either the BA or BS degree with a major in chemistry must have a minimum GPA of 2.0 in their chemistry courses numbered 200 or above. Unless otherwise stated, all chemistry courses are open to chemistry majors and minors on a letter-grade basis only (even those courses not required for the major or minor). Majors are required to complete on a letter-grade basis the required physics, biology, and mathematics courses. The BS programs are designed for those students who plan a career in chemistry at the bachelor or advanced degree level. The BA program is designed for those students who do not plan to do graduate work in the physical sciences but desire a stronger background in chemistry than is provided by the chemistry minor program.

The department will accept transfer courses completed at four-year colleges and universities but will not award transfer credit towards the chemistry major and minor except from schools offering a major in chemistry. These courses must be equivalent in content and level to courses offered at Wake Forest (as judged by the department). Transfer credit will not be awarded for online lab classes nor for online lecture courses that have co-requisite labs on our campus. Courses taken in summer school elsewhere, or in study abroad programs, must meet these same criteria and receive pre-approval. Advanced courses, 300-level and above, are typically not transferable. Students enrolled at Wake Forest may not take courses in chemistry at other institutions to satisfy divisional requirements.

The Health Professions Program at Wake Forest recommends that students take the following chemistry courses and their associated labs before the end of the third year:

CHM 111College Chemistry I3
CHM 122Organic Chemistry I3
or CHM 123 Organic Chemistry I Honors
CHM 223Organic Chemistry II3
CHM 280College Chemistry II3

Students interested in this track should see the Health Professions Program adviser for more information.

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