Select four courses in Studio Art
Or three Studio Art courses and one course that combines art history and studio art or offers direct experience with works of art (for example ART 199, 293, 297)
Select one course in Art History

Students may double minor in art history and studio art, but must complete all minor requirements of each.

All courses in the minor must be three or more semester hours.

Studio Art Courses

All studio art courses 200 and above and 110 may be repeated. Prerequisites may be waived with permission of instructor. All studio art courses may be taken with permission of instructor.

ART 110Topics in Studio Art1-3
ART 111Introduction to Studio Art Fundamentals3
ART 112Introduction to Painting3
ART 113Drawing with Digital Integration3
ART 114Introduction to Film and Video Art3
ART 115Introduction to Sculpture3
ART 117Introduction to Printmaking3
ART 118Introduction to Drawing3
ART 119Introduction to Darkroom Photography3
ART 120Introduction to Digital Photography3
ART 121Design Studio: Ethics and Aesthetics3
ART 122Design Studio: Visualization of Ideas3
ART 123Digital Practices in Art3
ART 210Topics in Studio Art1-4
ART 211Intermediate Drawing4
ART 212Painting II4
ART 213Painting III4
ART 214Film and Video Art: Site Specific4
ART 215Public Art4
ART 216Sculpture Fabrication4
ART 217Intermediate Printmaking4
ART 218Life Drawing4
ART 219Darkroom Photography4
ART 221Advanced Drawing4
ART 222Advanced Painting4
ART 224Film and Video Art: Cyberspace4
ART 225Bodies and Objects4
ART 226Installation Art4
ART 227Advanced Printmaking4
ART 228Film and Video Art: Theatre Works4
ART 229Digital Photography4
ART 237Street Photography4
ART 239Photography and the Artist's Book4
ART 248Film and Video Art: Ecological Works4
ART 264Film Stills: Photographs Inspired by Films4
ART 290Printmaking Workshop4
ART 295Studio Seminar1-4
ART 397Advanced Topics In Studio Art1-4

Art History Courses

ART 103History of Global Art3
ART 104Topics in World Art3
ART 105History of Global Architecture3
ART 106Global Contemporary Art3
ART 198Study Abroad - Art History3
ART 199International Studies in Art1-4
ART 203Islamic Art and Architecture3
ART 204South Asian Art and Architecture3
ART 205The Architecture of Devotion in South Asia3
ART 206Art and Empire: India and Europe, 1500-19003
ART 207Building Empire: Early Modern Islamic Architecture3
ART 208Ottoman Art and Architecture3
ART 231American Visual Arts3
ART 232Art, Architecture and Gender3
ART 233Architecture of the Americas3
ART 234British Art: Nation, Empire, and Identity3
ART 235Arts of London3
ART 236East Asian Art3
ART 238Topics in Chinese Art3
ART 240Ancient American Art and Architecture3
ART 241Ancient Art and Architecture3
ART 244Greek Art and Architecture3
ART 245Art and Architecture of the Roman World3
ART 246Byzantine Art and Architecture3
ART 249The Arts of Medieval Spain3
ART 250Artistic Exchanges in the Mediterranean, 500-14003
ART 252Romanesque Art and Archiecture3
ART 253The Gothic Cathedral3
ART 254Luxury Arts in the Middle Ages3
ART 258The Printed Image in Early Modern Europe3
ART 259The History of Photography3
ART 260Classics of World Cinema3
ART 260LClassics of World Cinema Lab0
ART 261Topics in Film History3
ART 265Art and Life in Renaissance Europe3
ART 266Art in the Age of Giotto, Dante, and the Plague3
ART 267Early Italian Renaissance Art3
ART 26816th Century Art in Italy: Magnificence and Reform3
ART 269Venetian Renaissance Art3
ART 270Northern Renaissance Art3
ART 27217th-Century European Art: Politics, Power and Patronage3
ART 27318th-Century European Art: the Birth of the Modern World3
ART 27417th-Century Dutch Painting3
ART 276Austrian Art and Architecture3
ART 277Global Exchange in Early Modern Art and Architecture3
ART 28119th-Century European Art: From Enlightenment to Abstraction3
ART 282Modern Art in Europe and the Americas3
ART 284Post War/Cold War: Global Art 1945-19903
ART 286Topics in Art and Architectural History3
ART 288Modern Architecture3
ART 294Black Art in the US and Great Britain since 19453
ART 298Contemporary Art and Criticism3
ART 331American Foundations3
ART 351Topics in Gender and Art3
ART 386Advanced Topics in Art and Architectural History3
ART 394Issues in Art History4
ART 396Art History Seminar4