The interdisciplinary minor in medieval and early modern studies requires 18 hours, chosen from at least three different departments. Courses from the student’s major may count in the minor. Students have the opportunity to attend the six-week Summer Medieval Program at Oxford University in England, for which they receive 4.5 hours (two courses) which count toward the minor. (For details about application to the Oxford program, and possible financial aid, consult Gale Sigal in the English department.) 

Courses may be chosen from the following list. Additional elective courses may have been approved since publication of this bulletin. The program coordinator maintains a complete list of all approved elective courses. For course descriptions, see the relevant department’s listings in this publication.

Electives for Medieval and Early Modern Studies

ART 252Romanesque Art and Archiecture3
ART 253The Gothic Cathedral3
ART 254Luxury Arts in the Middle Ages3
ART 267Early Italian Renaissance Art3
ART 26816th Century Art in Italy: Magnificence and Reform3
ART 269Venetian Renaissance Art3
ART 270Northern Renaissance Art3
ART 27217th-Century European Art: Politics, Power and Patronage3
ART 27417th-Century Dutch Painting3
ART 396Art History Seminar (when topic is on Medieval and Byzantine art)4
ENG 305Old English Language and Literature3
ENG 308Beowulf3
ENG 310The Medieval World3
ENG 311The Legend of Arthur3
ENG 312Medieval Poetry3
ENG 313Roots of Song3
ENG 315Chaucer3
ENG 320British Drama to 16423
ENG 323Shakespeare3
ENG 32516th-Century British Literature3
ENG 326Studies in English Renaissance Literature3
ENG 327Milton3
ENG 32817th-Century British Literature3
FRH 370Seminar in French and Francophone Studies (periodically offered in medieval studies)3
GER 380German Literature before 17003
GES 345History of the German Language3
GES 391Germanic Myths and Monsters3
HST 119Venice and the World3
HST 206The Early Middle Ages3
HST 207The High Middle Ages Through the Renaissance3
HST 209Europe: From Renaissance to Revolution3
HST 217France to 17743
HST 223The British Isles to 17503
HST 242Middle East before 15003
HST 311Special Topics in History (when topic is medieval)3
HON 310The Medieval World: Special Topics3
HMN 225Literature, Travel, and Discovery (when topic is medieval)3
ITA 329Love, Gender, and Diversity in Italian Epic3
ITA 340Traveling with Muhammad and Dante3
ITA 342Boccaccio's Decameron or "Sex in the City": Rethinking Community in Medieval Florence3
LAT 120Reading Medieval Latin1.5-3
PHI 237Medieval Philosophy3
REL 368Protestant and Catholic Reformations3
REL 372History of Christian Thought3
SPA 330The Debate about Woman in Late Medieval Spain3
SPA 331Medieval Spain: A Cultural and Literary Perspective3
SPA 332The Golden Age of Spain3
SPA 333The Spain of Don Quijote3
SPA 341Latin American Historical Fiction: Memory, Myth, and Social Justice3
THE 310History of Western Theatre I (Beginnings to 1642)3

Students intending to minor in medieval studies should consult the coordinator, preferably during the sophomore year.