The interdisciplinary minor in linguistics requires:

LIN/ANT 150Introduction to Linguistics3
Select 12 additional hours of the following three groups: *12

It is recommended that at least one course be from historical linguistics.

Students minoring in linguistics are strongly encouraged to study foreign languages, achieving proficiency in at least one, and social and behavioral sciences. The minor may be usefully combined with a major in a foreign language, English, anthropology (or other social science), philosophy, or communication.

Students intending to minor in linguistics should consult the director, preferably during their sophomore year. Students may choose from the approved list of electives when designing their minor. For course descriptions, see the relevant department’s listings in this publication. Additional elective courses may have been approved since publication of this bulletin. The director maintains a complete list of all elective courses that fulfill the minor.

Linguistic Courses

LIN/ANT 150Introduction to Linguistics3
LIN/ENG 309Modern English Grammar3
LIN 310Sociolinguistics and Dialectology3
LIN 330Introduction to Psycholinguistics and Language Acquisition3
LIN/ANT 333Language and Gender3
LIN/EDU 337TESOL Linguistics3
LIN 340Special Topics in Linguistics3
LIN/ANT 350Language, Indigeneity and Globalization3
LIN 352Linguistics Cross-Cultural Communication3
LIN/ANT 354Field Methods in Linguistic Anthropology4
LIN/ANT 355Language and Culture3
LIN/PHI 375Philosophy of Language3
LIN 380Quantitative Text Analysis3
LIN 383Language Engineering: Localization and Terminology3
LIN/ENG 390The Structure of English3
LIN 398/399Individual Study1-3

Historical Linguistics

ENG 304History of the English Language3
FRH 341Rise of French3
GES 345History of the German Language3
RUS 332The History of Russian Language3
SPA 370History of the Spanish Language3

Related Topics

ANT/EDU 353Language in Education3
EDU 354Content Pedagogy (Methods of Teaching World Languages)3
FRH 322French Phonetics3
FRH 342Structure of French3
FRH 343Modern French3
FRH 345Language and Society3
RUS 330Structure of Russian3
SPA 320Introduction to Hispanic Linguistics3
SPA 322Spanish pronunciation and Dialect Variation3
SPA 371Contrastive Spanish/English Grammar and Stylistics3
SPA 372Acquisition of Spanish3
SPA 373Language and Society3
SPA 379Special Topics in Hispanic Linguistics3