Candidates for the minor are required to take the following courses for a total of 15 hours.

HMN 200Introduction to Humanities: Themes in Literature, Culture, and Film3
HMN 211Dialogues with Antiquity3
HMN 212Reading the Modern World3
Select six hours of Approved Electives6

HMN 389 and HMN 390, a year-long research project, can count as an elective towards the 15 hour requirement. When these courses are in progress, the student is assigned a minor adviser who assists in planning the purpose and detail of the student’s project.

Electives for Interdisciplinary Humanities

HMN 213Studies in European Literature3
HMN 219Introduction to Japanese Literature3
HMN 220Historical Perspectives on the Humanities3
HMN 223African and Caribbean Literature3
HMN 225Literature, Travel, and Discovery3
HMN 226Interdisciplinary Approaches to Contemporary Fiction3
HMN 227Engaging the Humanities: Social Justice and Equity in Communities3
HMN 228Viennese Culture 1860-19143
HMN 232Italy in Literature3
HMN 262Racism, Heterosexism, and Religious Intolerance3
HMN 272Literature and Ethics3
HMN 290The Humanities through Film, Literature and Media3
HMN 291The Humanities and History: Intersections of Public History and the Public Humanities3
HMN 292Environmentalism, the Humanities, and Gender3
HMN 294Digital Approaches in the Humanities1.5,3
HMN 295Social Entrepreneurship and the Humanities: Innovation, Public Engagement, and Social Change3
HMN 365Humanity and Nature1.5,3
HMN 370Medicine and the Humanities3
HMN 374Humanities and Law3
HMN 375Urban Design and the Human Experience3
HMN 385Special Topics1-3
HMN 389Directed Reading and Research1.5
HMN 390Directed Writing1.5