A total of 18 hours, including 11 hours of elective courses, is required for the minor.

Required Minor Courses
ENV 201Environmental Issues3
ENV 220Introduction to Earth Science3
CHM/PHY 120Physics and Chemistry of the Environment4
Select 8 hours of electives8

Additional elective courses may have been approved since publication of this bulletin. The program director maintains a complete list of all approved elective courses. For course descriptions, see the relevant department’s listings in this bulletin.

Electives for Environmental Science Minor

ART 210Topics in Studio Art (when topic is Film and Video: Ecological Works)1-4
BIO 306Topics in Biology1-4
BIO 311Ecology and Conservation Biology of Coral Reefs4
BIO 316Biology of Birds4
BIO 319
Biology of Soils
and Biology of Soils Lab
BIO 327Mycology: Biology of Fungi4
BIO 332Microbiology4
BIO 330Land and Natural Resource Management3
BIO 340Ecology4
BIO 341
Marine Biology
and Marine Biology
BIO 348
Physiological Plant Ecology
and Physiological Plant Ecology
BIO 349Tropical Biodiversity of the Amazon and Andes4
BIO 356Ecology and Resource Management of Southeast Australia4
BIO 379Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (GIS)4
BIO 380Biostatistics3
BIO 383
and Genomics Lab
CHM 334Chemical Analysis4
CHM 351Special Topics in Chemistry (Green Technologies: Science and Entrepreneurship)3
CHM 351Special Topics in Chemistry (Chemistry of Food)3
CHM 391Undergraduate Research1-3
CHM 392Undergraduate Research1-3
COM 270Special Seminar (when topic is Community Narratives of Environmental Justice)1-3
ECN 241Environmental and Natural Resource Economics3
ECN 341Economics of the Environment3
EGR 112Introduction to Engineering Experimentation4
EGR 319Environmental Engineering2
EGR 324Hydrologic and Hydraulic Engineering2
ENV 321Earth's Dynamic Surface3
ENT 335Renewable Energy Entrepreneurship: Science, Policy, and Economics4
ENT 351Green Technologies: Science and Entrepreneurship2,3
ENV 202Environmental Solutions3
ENV 203Leadership for Sustainability3
HMN 227Engaging the Humanities: Social Justice and Equity in Communities3
HMN 365Humanity and Nature3
JOU 321Environmental Journalism3
POL 210Topics In United States Politics and Policy (when topic is 'Disaster, Race, and American Politics' or 'Race, Land, and Power')1-3
STA 112Introduction to Regression and Data Science3