The minor requires a minimum of 19 hours in core and elective courses.

ENT 105The Entrepreneurial Experience: From Mindset to Entrepreneurial Identity1
ENT 200Foundations of Entrepreneurship: Identifying and Cultivating Valuable Ideas3
ENT 201Evidence-Based Entrepreneurship: Developing Validated Concepts3
ENT 205Scaling the Entrepreneurial Venture: From Concept to Harvest3
Select nine hours from the following electives: *
ENT Electives for the Minor
General Electives for the Minor

All students may fulfill three of their elective hours by taking the Summer Management Program (BUS 295). No more than six of the elective hours may be counted from a student’s major. No more than six hours can be taken under the pass/fail option and used to meet the minor requirements. No more than six hours can be taken abroad.

Course plans will be made in consultation with the director of the minor. It is strongly suggested that interested students take ENT 105 by their sophomore year and note the prerequisites for ENT 201 and ENT 205.

ENT Electives for the Minor

ENT 301Topics in Entrepreneurship1.5,3
ENT 302Topics in Entrepreneurship1.5,3
ENT 303Topics in Entrepreneurship1.5,3
ENT 304Topics in Entrepreneurship1.5,3
ENT 305Topics in Entrepreneurship1.5,3
ENT 306Topics in Entrepreneurship1.5,3
ENT 310Arts Entrepreneurship3
ENT 313Whole Person Creativity3
ENT 315Nonprofit Arts and Education Entrepreneurship: Promotion of Latin-American and Latino Visual Culture3
ENT 320Social Entrepreneurship3
ENT 323Social Entrepreneurship Summer Program3
ENT 330Entrepreneurship for Scientists3
ENT 335Renewable Energy Entrepreneurship: Science, Policy, and Economics4
ENT 350Internships in Entrepreneurial Studies1.5,3
ENT 351Green Technologies: Science and Entrepreneurship2,3
ENT 391Independent Study in Entrepreneurship1.5,3
ENT 392Independent Study in Entrepreneurship1.5,3
ENT 394AStudent Entrepreneurship in Action1.5,3
ENT 394BStudent Entrepreneurship in Action1.5,3
ENT 399Startup Lab3
BEM 384Design-Thinking and High-Performance Teams3
COM 250Communicating for an Entrepreneurial Mindset3
COM 334Entrepreneurial Communities and Winston-Salem3

General Electives for the Minor

ACC 111Introductory Financial Accounting3
ANT 305Museum Anthropology3
ANT 342Applied Anthropology3
ART 121Design Studio: Ethics and Aesthetics3
ART 122Design Studio: Visualization of Ideas3
ART 215Public Art4
ART 297Management in the Visual Arts3
BEM 211Organizational Behavior3
BEM 221Principles of Marketing3
BEM 261Legal Environment of Business3
BEM 316Leading in Nonprofit Sector3
BEM 371Strategic Management3
BEM 372Strategic Management in Entrepreneurial Firms3
BEM 377Entrepreneurship3
BEM 383Seminar in Negotiations3
BEM 384Design-Thinking and High-Performance Teams3
BUS 295Summer Management Program8
COM 250Communicating for an Entrepreneurial Mindset3
COM 262Writing for Public Relations and Advertising3
COM 315Communication and Technology3
COM 334Entrepreneurial Communities and Winston-Salem3
COM 353Persuasion3
COM 370Special Topics (when topic is Storytelling and the Entrepreneur )1-3
CSC 111Introduction to Computer Science4
CSC 331Software Engineering3
CSC 332Mobile and Pervasive Computing3
CSC 361Digital Media3
CSC 385Bioinformatics3
ECN 205Intermediate Microeconomics3
EGR 111Introduction to Engineering Design4
EGR 313Capstone Design I1
EGR 314Capstone Design II4
EGR 315Capstone Design III4
ENV 201Environmental Issues3
FRH 329French for Business Communication3
GER 330German for Professional Purposes II3
HMN 295Social Entrepreneurship and the Humanities: Innovation, Public Engagement, and Social Change3
HST 350World Economic History: Globalization, Wealth and Poverty, 1500-Present3
HST 380America at Work3
CGS 154Community Based Global Learning0-3
CGS 260Seminar in Global Trade and Commerce Studies3
JOU 350Writing for Public Relations and Advertising3
LIB 235Research Methods for Entrepreneurs1.5
PHI 161Introduction to Bioethics3
PHI 163Environmental Ethics3
PHI 367Philosophical Theories in Bioethics3
PHI 368Concepts of Health & Disease3
PHY 385Bioinformatics3
POL 238Comparative Economic and Political Development3
POL 239State, Economy, and International Competitiveness3
PSY 260Social Psychology3
PSY 268Industrial/Organization Psychology3
PSY 357Cross-Cultural Psychology3
PSY 374Research in Judgment and Decision Making3
REL 332Religion and Public Engagement3
SOC 351Management and Organizations3
SOC 362Work, Conflict, and Change3
SOC 363Global Capitalism3
SOC 365Technology, Culture, and Change3
THE 259Theatre Management3
WGS 326Telling Women's Lives: Writing about Entrepreneurs, Activists, and Thought Leaders3