A dance minor requires a minimum of 18 hours and must include:

Select one of the following dance composition courses:2-3
Introduction to Dance Composition
Dance Composition
Select one of the following modern courses :2
Beginning Modern Dance Technique
Intermediate Modern Dance Technique
Advanced Modern Dance Technique
Select one of the following jazz courses:2
Beginning Jazz Dance
Intermediate Jazz Dance
Advanced Jazz Dance
Select one of the following ballet courses:2
Beginning Classical Ballet Techniques
Intermediate Classical Ballet
Advanced Classical Ballet
Advanced Studio Classical Ballet
Select one of the following participation courses:1
Dance Performance
Participation (taken twice for 1h total)
DCE 200Senior Dance Project2
DCE 202History of Dance3
or DCE 203 20th-Century Modern Dance History
or DCE 204 History of Jazz Dance
DCE 205Improvisation2
or DCE 235 Ballet Repertory
DCE 150Design and Production for Dance2
or THE 150 Intro to Design and Production