A dance minor requires a minimum of 18 hours and must include:

Select one of the following dance composition courses:2-3
Introduction to Dance Composition
Dance Composition
Select one of the following modern courses :2
Beginning Modern Dance Technique
Intermediate Modern Dance Technique
Advanced Modern Dance Technique
Select one of the following jazz courses:2
Beginning Jazz Dance
Intermediate Jazz Dance
Advanced Jazz Dance
Select one of the following ballet courses:2
Beginning Classical Ballet Techniques
Intermediate Classical Ballet
Advanced Classical Ballet
Advanced Studio Classical Ballet
Select one of the following participation courses:1
Dance Performance
Participation (taken twice for 1h total)
DCE 200Senior Dance Project2
DCE 202History of Dance3
or DCE 203 20th-Century Modern Dance History
DCE 205Improvisation2
or DCE 235 Ballet Repertory
DCE 150Design and Production for Dance2
or THE 150 Introduction to Design and Production