Requires 15 hours in psychology including:

PSY 151Introductory Psychology3
PSY 310Methods in Psychological Research *3
or PSY 311 Research Methods I
Select at least two of the following:6
Developmental Psychology
Survey of Abnormal Behavior
Cognitive Psychology
Social Psychology
Industrial/Organization Psychology
Physiological Psychology
Animal Behavior
Learning Theory and Research
Research in Cognitive Psychology
Motivation of Behavior
Psychological Testing
Research in Judgment and Decision Making
Select one other PSY course3

If the psychology statistics course requirement is waived, a student will then be required to take an additional course. No more than six hours will be accepted for courses taken at other schools and cross-listed courses taught by another Wake Forest department to be counted toward the 15 hours required for the minor. A maximum of three of those six hours may come from online courses. The cross-listed courses that may be accepted are: BEM 211EDU 311, HES 312, LIN 330. A student may not take both BEM 211 and PSY 268 for psychology credit.