Requires 19 hours:

MUS 171Music Theory I4
MUS 172Music Theory II4
Select one of the following:3
Music History I
Music History II
Music History III
Ensemble *2
Individual Instruction 2
MUS 100Music Recitals (three semesters)0
Music Electives **4

Each minor is assigned an adviser in the music department and is encouraged to begin individual lessons, MUS 171, and MUS 100 as early as possible.

Regarding ensemble requirements for the majors and minor in music, students who are singers must fulfill the ensemble requirement by enrolling in MUS 114, MUS 115 and/or MUS 116. Students who play a band or orchestral instrument must fulfill the ensemble requirement by performing on their primary instrument in MUS 112, MUS 113, MUS 118, and/or MUS 121. Performers on keyboard instruments are strongly encouraged to enroll in one of the above ensembles, but may also fulfill the ensemble requirement through participation in chamber music (MUS 120A-MUS 120I).