Requires 18 hours. Minors may count only two courses numbered 100-150 toward the required 18 hours and must take at least 9 hours of course work in history at Wake Forest University.

Courses taken pass/fail do not meet the requirements for the major or minor.

Students who are history majors or minors may elect to complete a thematic concentration as part of their program of study. Concentrations require 9 hours of coursework, but do not require any additional hours beyond those needed for the major or minor. Students declaring a concentration must do so prior to the beginning of their final semester. Concentrations are offered in the following specializations:

  1. Cultural/Intellectual History
  2. Economics, Trade, and Commerce
  3. Gender/Sexuality/LGBTQ
  4. Global/Transnational History
  5. International Relations and Military
  6. Jewish History
  7. Politics, Governance, and Law
  8. Religion and Society
  9. Science, Medicine & Technology
  10. Social History
  11. Individualized Concentration

To complete a concentration, students must select courses in consultation with their major or minor adviser, submit an application to the department, and earn a ‘C’ in each course. Students who complete the requirements for a concentration will be awarded a certificate by the department and have the concentration included on their college transcript.