Creative writing courses are open to minors and non-minors. Students who declare a Creative Writing Minor receive first preference in enrolling in creative writing courses in the English department during pre-registration periods. 

The Creative Writing minor requires five course (15 hours), including one 300-level literature course offered by the English department. The remaining four courses will consist of Creative Writing workshops offered by the English department (poetry, fiction, literary nonfiction, and the 100-level multi-genre course) or cross-listed with the minor (playwriting and screenwriting); at least two of these must be at the 300-level. While CRW 100 counts towards the minor for students who wish to take this course, it is not required. To enroll in a 300-level workshop, students must have taken a 200-level workshop. 

English majors may earn a Creative Writing minor by taking four creative writing courses (at least two at the 300-level) exclusive of courses used to complete their major.

Creative Writing (CRW) courses that fulfill the minor
CRW 100Introduction to Creative Writing3
CRW 285Poetry Workshop3
CRW 286Short Story Workshop3
CRW 287Literary Nonfiction Workshop3
CRW 300Topics in Creative Writing3
CRW 384Playwriting3
CRW 385Advanced Poetry Workshop3
CRW 386Advanced Fiction Writing3
CRW 387Advanced Literary Nonfiction Workshop3
Electives that fulfill the minor
COM 316Screenwriting3