The minor in Schools, Education, and Society requires 17 hours:

EDU 102LExploring School Communities2
EDU 201Educational Policy and Practice3
EDU 311Learning and Cognitive Science3
EDU 368Professional Experiences in Education3
Select two of the following:6
Theatre in Education
Adolescent Literature
Social Justice Issues in Education
The Sociology of Education
Instructional Design, Assessment, and Technology
School and Society
Race, Class, and Gender in a Color-blind Society
Teaching Exceptional Children
Fathers and Daughters
TESOL Linguistics
Content Pedagogy
Comparative and International Education
Literacy in the 21st Century
Writing Pedagogy
Teaching Diverse Learners

This minor is intended for students who have an interest in education but who are not pursuing a teaching license. However, any student who wishes to major in elementary education or pursue the licensure minor in secondary education and also undertake the minor in Schools, Education, and Society must complete at least nine additional, unique hours of coursework, including EDU 368 and two designated education electives. Some courses are not offered every semester; students should plan ahead in order to fulfill all requirements.