Requires 18 hours and must include:

Select two of the following:6
Introduction to Archaeology
Introduction to Biological Anthropology
Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
Understanding Culture Through Ethnography
Select a minimum of six hours at the 200-level or above.6

Only one course (excluding ANT 111ANT 112, ANT 113, ANT 114, ANT 150) can be taken under the pass/fail option and used to meet minor requirements. Credit toward the major or minor not given for both ANT 111 and ANT 114Only three hours from the following may be used toward the minor.

ANT 391Internship in Anthropology1-3
ANT 392Internship in Anthropology1-3
ANT 393Community-Based Research or Service-Learning in Anthropology1-3
ANT 394Mentored Research in Anthropology1-3
ANT 395Honors Thesis in Anthropology1-3
ANT 398Individual Study1-3
ANT 399Individual Study1-3

Only three hours from the following may be used to meet minor requirements.

ANT 381Field Program in Anthropological Archaeology3
ANT 382Field Program in Anthropological Archaeology3
ANT 383Field program in Cultural Anthropology3
ANT 384Field Program in Cultural Anthropology3

A minimum GPA of 2.0 in anthropology courses counted toward the minor is required for graduation.