Degree Requirements

All students in the program are required to take the following courses:

HES 660Epidemiology3
HES 675Advanced Exercise Physiology3
HES 715Experimental Design3
HES 721Data Analysis and Interpretation3
HES 733Health Psychology3
HES 761Cardiopulmonary Disease Management3
HES 763Advanced Biomechanics3
HES 765Graded Exercise Testing and Exercise Prescription3
HES 783Seminar in Health and Exercise Science1
HES 784Seminar in Health and Exercise Science1
HES 791Thesis Research I1-9
HES 792Thesis Research II1-9
Total Hours28-44

 Students can typically expect to spend two years in this program. The first year is devoted to required coursework and the identification of a thesis topic. The research and data collection for the thesis are usually completed in the second year. The second year also allows an opportunity for elective coursework outside the department.

For additional degree requirements, see Requirements for Degrees.