Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

Dwayne Godwin (1997)     
Dean, Bowman Gray Campus
BA, University of West Florida; PhD, University of Alabama (Birmingham)

Bradley T. Jones (1989)     
Dean, Reynolda Campus
BS, Wake Forest University; PhD, Florida

Sandra Dickson (2009)
Senior Associate Dean, Reynolda Campus
BS Ed, Mississippi College; MA, University of West Florida;
PhD, Florida State University

Jennifer Rogers (2015)
Associate Dean for Graduate Students, Reynolda Campus
BA, UNC-Greensboro; MA, Wake Forest, PhD, Syracuse University

Ron Von Burg (2012)
Associate Dean for Continuing Studies, Reynolda Campus
BA, BS, Arizona State University; MS, PhD, University of Pittsburgh

Administration – Reynolda Cabinet

Susan R. Wente (2021)
BS, University of Iowa; PhD, University of California Berkeley

Rogan Kersh (2012)
BA, Wake Forest University; MA, MPhil, PhD, Yale

Andrew R. Chan (2009)     
Vice President, Innovation and Career Development
BA, MBA, Stanford

John Currie
Director of Athletics
BA, Wake Forest University; MS Tennessee

James J. Dunn (2009)        
Special Assistant to the President & CEO, Verger Capital Management, LLC
BS, Villanova

Julie A. Freischlag, MD (2018)
CEO, Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center and Dean of Wake Forest School of Medicine
BS, University of Illinois; MD, Rush University

Michele K. Gillespie (1999)
Dean of Wake Forest College
BA, Rice; MA, PhD, Princeton University

Todd Johnson (2012)
Vice President and Executive Director, Wake Forest University Charlotte
BA, UNC; MBA, Wake Forest University

Eric Maguire (2019)
Vice President for Enrollment
BA, Muhlenberg College; MA, Indiana University

B. Hofler Milam (2010)
Executive Vice President and CFO
BS, MBA, Wake Forest University

James Reid Morgan (1979)                 
Senior Vice President and General Counsel
BA, JD, Wake Forest University

Mark A. Petersen (2008)   
Vice President for University Advancement
BA, Brandeis; MA, University of Southern California

Mary E. Pugel (2005)        
Chief of Staff, President’s Office
BA, University of Washington

Penny Rue (2013)              
Vice President for Campus Life
AB, Duke University; MA, The Ohio State University; PhD, Maryland

José Villalba (2011)
Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion and Chief Diversity Officer
BS, MEd, EdS, PhD, Florida