Master of Arts in Education


The Department of Education offers professional graduate programs in teacher education. The goals and requirements for these programs are available in the Licensure Office of the department. Candidates for the Master of Arts in Education degree seeking a North Carolina Class M Teacher’s License must possess a North Carolina Class A Teacher’s License or its equivalent. Master Teacher Fellows are not expected to hold a teacher’s license when they enter the program.

Initial Licensure Program

Master Teacher Fellows (MTF). This program involves coursework and fieldwork, including one semester of full-time student teaching. It is offered at the Secondary (grades 9-12) and Elementary (grades K-6) levels. For secondary education, students must have a bachelor’s degree (or equivalent coursework) in one of our content areas: English, Mathematics, Science (Biology, Chemistry, or Physics), or Social Studies. The secondary program lasts thirteen months, and the elementary program lasts 1.5 years.

Advanced Licensure Program

Master Teacher Associates (MTA). This program provides an extension of the candidate’s current teaching license. It is also thirteen months and it includes coursework and other requirements to foster the candidate’s further development in content, pedagogy, and leadership. It is offered for either Elementary or Secondary levels.

Non-Licensure Program

Master of Educational Studies (MES). This program is for students who are interested in education but choose not to seek a teaching license.

Certificate Program

The Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment Certificate is appropriate for those with elementary, secondary, or higher education interest.