Program Director Leah McCoy


The School of Divinity and the Graduate School offers a dual degree that:

  1. promotes interdisciplinary conversation between theological education, public education, and community engagement; and
  2. provides students pathways for developing skills and acquiring competencies necessary for achieving excellence in careers where religious leadership and education intersect.

These degrees provide distinctive vocational perspectives and opportunities not available separately in the education or divinity degree programs.

The dual degree curriculum includes foundational requirements from both divinity and education. It is estimated that the time required to complete the dual degree is seven semesters and two summer sessions. Integrative components include an education internship in a context approved by the Master of Arts in Education program in conversation with the School of Divinity’s Art of Ministry (internship) director and a capstone requirement that either through research or an advanced internship encourages students to consider connections between the two fields of study. Advisers from both degree programs work with students to determine an elective course strategy that most effectively prepares each student to succeed as a religious leader who is also a public educator.

Typical Program Outline:

Year Fall Spring Summer
One Divinity Divinity Education (12 hrs)
Two Mainly Education Education Education (6 hrs)
Three Divinity Divinity
Four Divinity

Note: Year Two and Year Three are interchangeable.