Program Director Christopher Whitlow


An MD/PhD dual degree offers graduates outstanding opportunities in the new era of biomedical research of the 21st century. The invaluable perspective of an MD/PhD graduate positions the physician scientist as a crucial link in translating scientific research into improving human health and reducing disease.

With the increasing sophistication of research tools, MD’s without extensive formal research training rarely have the depth of knowledge needed to progress rapidly as a research scientist. The increasing pace of research, the need for knowledge in specific techniques, and the competition in funding have made it more difficult for MD clinicians to succeed in a research-intensive career. Optimal training is provided by combining an MD with a PhD academic program.

The MD/PhD program, a combined effort between the School of Medicine and the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, is an integrated program where neither the MD nor the PhD degree is compromised. The student gains the full perspective for identification and analysis of problems related to human health while receiving rigorous training in a basic or translational research discipline—training which provides the depth of knowledge of scientific logic and techniques for an effective, exciting, and successful career in medical research.

The program seeks outstanding students who have already shown aptitude and enthusiasm for research.