Master of Arts


This research-oriented program emphasizes the scientific, theoretical, and research bases common to all areas of psychology (e.g., social, cognition, personality, developmental, statistics).

The program is designed for capable students who expect to continue to the PhD degree but wish to begin graduate work in a department where they receive a high degree of individual attention from the faculty.

The applicant is expected to have an undergraduate major in psychology at an accredited institution, including a subset of basic foundational courses such as developmental, social, biopsychology, personality, cognition, learning, perception, etc., as well as statistics and/or research methods. Applications are also accepted from students who were not psychology majors as undergraduates, but these applicants should have a background in coursework that prepares the student for graduate level work in psychology.

The areas in which research is currently being conducted include aging, cognitive processes, judgment and decision making, adolescent development, cultural identity, neuropsychology, perception, personality, physiology, and social psychology.

Most students take two academic years to complete the program. Students who hold assistantships are required to spend two years in residence.

The Master of Arts degree has been offered since 1964.