Degree Requirements

The degree requires a minimum of 30 credit hours. At least 15 hours must be taken in LBS courses designed for this program. Up to 6 hours may be taken in Directed Study courses, which do not count toward the 15-hour LBS minimum. A maximum of 12 hours may be taken in 600 and 700 level departmental courses for graduate credit. A student may transfer a maximum of 6 semester hours from another liberal arts studies program or other appropriate graduate program at the discretion of the director.

Students complete the program by choosing from the following:

Capstone Project

Students may choose one of four types of capstone projects, for which 3 credit hours are required: a research project, a creative work, an internship, or a coursework portfolio. A capstone project form must be signed by the faculty member advising the project and submitted to the program director for approval.


A thesis is written under the supervision of the student’s advisory committee (an advisor, and two other readers). The degree with a thesis requires thirty semester hours, including six hours of thesis research and a successfully completed thesis.

For additional degree requirements, see Requirements for Degrees.