Degree Requirements

Completion of the degree requirements may be fulfilled in one of three ways: thesis, project, and coursework-only. The degree with a thesis requires thirty semester hours, including six hours of thesis research (CSC 791CSC 792) and a successfully completed thesis. The degree with a project requires thirty-six semester hours, including three hours of project research (CSC 795) and a successfully completed project. The coursework-only degree requires thirty-six semester hours of coursework.

The following courses are identified as the core courses for the degree and are required of all students:

CSC 631Software Engineering3
CSC 641Operating Systems3
CSC 702Theory of Computation3
CSC 721Theory of Algorithms3

The remaining hours are then selected from graduate computer science courses. For the thesis, project, and coursework-only options, at least six of the remaining hours must be selected from 700-level courses other than:

CSC 791Thesis Research I1-9
CSC 792Thesis Research II1-9
CSC 795Project3

Graduate courses may be taken outside of the department to fulfill requirements with prior approval from the graduate program director; however, no more than six such hours may count toward the degree.

For additional degree requirements, see Requirements for Degrees.