Degree Requirements

The degree requires 30 credit hours; 24-26 hours of coursework with an average grade of B or above plus either 4 hours of capstone project (BIE 795) OR 6 hours of thesis research (BIE 791/792). 

All MA students must take BIE 703 (3 hours) and BIE 706/BIE 707 (3 hours).  Additionally, all MA students must take two of the three following courses: BIE 702 (3 hours), BIE 704 (3hours), BIE 705(3 hours). The remaining 12-14 hours may be in either 600 or 700 level Bioethics courses. With program permission, up to 6 of those hours may be from non-Bioethics graduate level courses. 

For additional degree requirements, see Requirements for Degrees.