WRI 606. Special Topics in Rhetoric and Writing. (1.5, 3 h)

Study of significant rhetorical or writing theories and practices focused on one area of study. May be repeated once for credit.

WRI 640. Practice in Rhetoric and Composition. (3 h)

Training and practice in rhetorical analysis and composition. Students work on developing effective composing processes and strategies, then put them into practice toward a variety of purposes. Course topics vary across semesters. May be repeated once for credit.

WRI 641. Writing Center Pedagogy. (3 h)

Introduction to composition pedagogy and writing center theory and practices, with special emphasis on one-to-one and small group peer tutoring techniques.

WRI 644. Magazine Writing. (3 h)

Learn and practice the skills needed to produce magazine stories for publication. Focusing on a single topic of their own choosing, students learn advanced principles of interviewing, document research, story structure, character development, and explanatory journalism as they read and analyze some of the best magazine stories written over the past thirty years.