LIN 610. Sociolinguistics& Dialectology. (3 h)

Study of variation in language: effects of regional background, social class, ethnic group, gender, and setting; social attitudes toward language; outcomes of linguistic conflicts in the community; evolution of reserach methods for investigating language differences and the diffusion of change. P- LIN 150 or POI.

LIN 640. Special Topics:. (3 h)

Inter-cultural Communication. In-depth examination of the role of intercultural communication in the shaping of the world order today. Through a historical and theoretical survey, as well as self-awareness tools, students will acquire insights and experience in the analysis and design of intercultural communication strategies with a global mindset at personal, corporate, national and international mass-media levels.

LIN 680. Language Use & Technology. (3 h)

Introduction to the fundamental concepts of creating and accessing large linguistic corpora(electronic collections of "real world" text) for linguistic inquiry. Course surveys a variety of cross-discipline efforts that employ corpus data for research and explores current applications.

LIN 683. Language Engineering Localization and Terminology. (3 h)

Introduction to the process of making a product linguistically and culturally appropriate to the target locale, and to computer-assisted terminology management. Surveys applications in translation technology. Taught in English. P-POI.