FRH 621. Introduction to Translation. (3 h)

Introduces translation strategies through theory and practice. Emphasizes translation of a broad variety of texts, including different literary and journalistic modes. Attention is given to accuracy in vocabulary, structures, forms, and to cultural concerns.

FRH 623. Advanced Grammar & Stylistics. (3 h)

Review and application of grammatical structures for the refinement of writing techniques. Emphasizes the use of French in a variety of discourse types. Attention is given to accuracy and fluency of usage in the written language.

FRH 629. Intro to Business French. (3 h)

Introduction to the use of French in business. Emphasizes oral and written practices, reading, and French business culture, as well as a comprehensive analysis of different business topics and areas.

FRH 630. French for Management. (3 h)

Explores oral and written French communication and develops intercultural skills in areas such as human resources, entrepreneurship, and marketing through case studies and current events.

FRH 643. Modern French. (3 h)

Study of the features of contemporary French including colloquial French, contrasting grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation with standard forms.

FRH 645. Language and Society. (3 h)

Introduces sociolinguistic issues relating to the French language and its role in societies around the world.

FRH 660. Cinema and Society. (3 h)

Study of French and Francophone cultures through cinema. Readings and films may include film as artifact, film theory, and film history.

FRH 661. Special Topics in French and Francophone Film Studies. (3 h)

In-depth study of particular aspects of French and/or francophone cinema. Topics may include film adaptations of literary works, cinematographic expressions of social or political issues, selected filmmakers, theories, genres, historical periods, or cinematographic trends. May be repeated for credit for a maximum of 6 hours when topics vary.

FRH 663. Trends in French Poetry. (3 h)

Study of the development of the poetic genre with analysis and interpretation of works from each period.

FRH 664. French and Francophone Prose Fiction. (3 h)

Broad survey of prose fiction in French, with critical study of representative works from a variety of periods.

FRH 665. French and Francophone Drama. (3 h)

Study of the chief trends in French dramatic art, with reading and discussion of representative plays from selected periods: Baroque, Classicism, and Romanticism, among others.

FRH 670. Seminar in French and Francophone Studies. (3 h)

In-depth study of particular aspects of selected literary and cultural works from different genres and/or periods. Topics vary from semester to semester. May be repeated for credit for a maximum of 6 hours when topics vary.

FRH 674. Topics in French and Francophone Culture. (3 h)

Study of selected topics in French and/ or francophone culture. Works will be drawn from different fields (sociology, politics, art, history, music, cinema) and may include journalistic texts, films, historical and other cultural documents. May be repeated for credit for a maximum of 6 hours when topics vary.

FRH 675. Special Topics in French and Francophone Literature. (3 h)

Selected themes and approaches to French literature transcending boundaries of time and genre. Topics to be chosen by staff in consultation with majors prior to the term the course is offered. May be repeated once for credit.

FRH 681. French Individual Study. (1.5-3 h)

May be repeated for credit. P-Permission of the department.