CRW 100. Introduction to Creative Writing. (3 h)

This workshop explores the fundamentals of writing poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction. Students analyze the forms of each genre with an eye toward creating literary texts of their own. Through workshops and class discussions, students also learn how to revise their own writing and offer feedback on the work of classmates.

CRW 285. Poetry Workshop. (1.5, 3 h)

Craft course in the writing of poetry with an emphasis on developing, reading, and discussing student poems in a supportive classroom community. Study of poetic techniques, forms, and revision as well as the works of historical and/or contemporary poets.

CRW 286. Short Story Workshop. (1.5, 3 h)

Study of fundamental principles of short fiction writing; practice in writing; extensive study of short story form.

CRW 287. Literary Nonfiction Workshop. (3 h)

Study of the fundamental principles of literary nonfiction, with a focus on subgenres, techniques, and the works of important literary nonfiction writers.

CRW 300. Topics in Creative Writing. (3 h)

Workshop centering on theme instead of genre. Students study creative writing through the lens of ideas such as hybridity, ecology, and the visual. Through analyzing important texts, workshops, and class discussions, students hone their skills in fiction, poetry, and/or literary nonfiction, as well as improve their abilities to revise and offer feedback on classmates' work. May be repeated with permission. P-a 200-level CRW course or POI.

CRW 384. Playwriting. (3 h)

Examines the elements of dramatic structure and their representations in a variety of dramatic writings. Explores the fundamentals of playwriting through a series of writing exercises. Also listed as THE 360.

CRW 385. Advanced Poetry Workshop. (3 h)

Emphasis on reading and discussing student poems in terms of craftsmanship and general principles. May be repeated once. P-a 200-level CRW course or POI.

CRW 386. Advanced Fiction Writing. (3 h)

Primarily a short-story workshop, with class discussion on issues of craft, revision, and selected published stories. May be repeated once. P-a 200-level CRW course or POI.

CRW 387. Advanced Literary Nonfiction Workshop. (3 h)

Emphasis on the theory and craft of creative nonfiction as well as on contemporary writers of creative nonfiction. May be repeated once. P-a 200-level CRW course or POI.