HNU 111. Elementary Hindi-Urdu I. (3 h)

Introduction to modern spoken and written Hindi-Urdu. Speaking and listening practice, basic sentence patterns, grammar fundamentals, and the writing system (Devangari and Nastaliq scripts). Fall only.

HNU 112. Elementary Hindi-Urdu II. (3 h)

Continued instruction in modern and spoken Hindi-Urdu. Spring only. P - HNU 111.

HNU 153. Intermediate Hindi-Urdu I. (3 h)

Second year of modern and spoken Hindi-Urdu including situational speaking and listening practice, complex sentence pattern exercises and idioms, vocabulary building, intermediate grammar topics, and reading exercises. Fall only. P - HNU 112.

HNU 201. Intermediate Hindi-Urdu II. (3 h)

Continued intermediate instruction in spoken and written Hindi-Urdu. Students practice writing short essays and continue to develop mature compentency in Hindi-Urdu. Spring only. P - HNU 153.