BUS 101S. Introduction to Business Software. (1.5 h)

Provides students with basic skills in business software. Focuses on software for presentations, spreadsheets, and databases. In addition, students are familiarized with databases provided through the library and through the Internet that facilitate their ability to do research. This course does not count towards a School of Business degree. Summer only.

BUS 105. Why Business?. (3 h)

What is the role of business in a humane and just society? In this course, we look at both classic and contemporary discussions of the nature, benefits, and limits of a market economy, and we consider various objections, including moral objections, to commercial society. We also look at several functional areas of business and investigate the extent to which they can contribute to a humane and just society. Does not count towards a School of Business degree. P - POI.

BUS 111. Professional Life Skills. (1.5 h)

Provides students with the basics of managing their personal finances and employee benefits. Focuses on topics such as: personal banking and budgeting fundamentals; individual credit and tax issues; employee investment and insurance options; and home rental or purchase considerations. Open to School of Business and non-School of Business students. Does not count towards a School of Business degree. Pass/Fail only.

BUS 181. Field Study. (1 h)

Directed field study in specialized areas of business. Does not count towards a School of Business degree. Pass/Fail only. Limit of 2. P- ACC 111, POI.

BUS 295. Summer Management Program. (8 h)

A study of the various functions of business including accounting, finance, information systems, management, marketing, production, and strategic planning. Special application and admission procedures. Does not count towards a Calloway Major. Pass/Fail only. Offered only in the summer and open only to junior and senior liberal arts majors.

BUS 350. General International Elective. (1-3 h)