HPA 150. Introduction to Public Health. (3 h)

Survey of the basic structure of the health care system in the United States. Includes discussion of current issues of public policy toward health, organization of health care delivery, and health system reform. Serves as the introduction to the interdisciplinary minor in health policy and administration. Offered fall semester only.

HPA 250. Internship in Health Policy and Administration. (3 h)

A semester experience in a health care policy or health care administration organization. Students will work in conjunction with a director who is a researcher on a public health science research project or with an administrator in health care delivery. Students gain relevant practical experience that builds on prior coursework and provides insight into public health policy issues. Open only to senior health policy and administration students. P-HPA 150, completion of one other corse course, and POI.

HPA 262. Special Topics. (3 h)

Seminar and/or lecture courses in selected topics. May be repeated if topic differs.