Detailed Cost of Attendance is available for Reynolda students at:

Tuition Schedule

Fee Amount
Summer Session 2021 $1,560 (per hour)
Fall 2021/Spring 2022 Sessions Full-time tuition (minimum 9 hours) $38,650
Part-time tuition (per hour) $1,560
On-line Programs (per hour) $1,560


Fee Amount
Application Fee $80
Audit Fee $150 (per hour)
Student Continuation Fee (per term) $150
Graduation Fee $175
Technology Fee (per semester, excludes on-line programs) $50
Wellness Fee (can be waived) $372

Tuition Concession

There is a tuition concession plan for faculty and staff of the University and for the spouses of faculty and eligible staff members. If the Graduate School offers a faculty or staff member a scholarship, that scholarship is designated for tuition and the tuition concession benefit will be applied to net remaining tuition and fees after the tuition scholarship has been applied. For further information, contact the Human Resources office.

Tuition for Courses Taken on the Bowman Gray Campus

During fall and spring terms, full-time graduate students may take graduate courses on the Bowman Gray campus without additional tuition. Summer terms are excluded.

Student Graduation Fees

All students pay the graduation fee shown in the fee schedule during the term in which the student graduates. This is a non-refundable fee and is charged once per degree.

University Fees

A Student Health fee of $245/semester is charged for all full-time students, excluding on-line programs. A Technology fee of $50/semester is charged to all students, excluding on-line programs. A Student Wellness fee of $186/ semester is charged to full time students, excluding on-line programs; this fee can be waived in WIN. 

Past Due Balances

A student carrying a past-due balance will be restricted from:

  • Registering for future semesters
  • Receiving an official transcript of academic record
  • Receiving regalia and participating in the Hooding ceremony
  • Receiving a diploma
  • Returning from leave of absence
  • Being reinstated as a student