ACC 111Introductory Financial Accounting3
ECN 150Introduction to Economics3
ECN 205Intermediate Microeconomics3
or ECN 210 Intermediate Mathematical Microeconomics
ECN 207Intermediate Macroeconomics3
or ECN 211 Intermediate Mathematical Macroeconomics
FIN 231Principles of Finance3
STA 310Probability3
STA 311Statistical Inference3

To declare the certificate in actuarial science, a student must receive at least a C or AP credit in each of ACC 111, ECN 150, and MTH 112. Upon declaration, students will gain access to the pre-registration procedures in the relevant departments and in the School of Business.  

Students are strongly encouraged to take Society of Actuaries (SOA) Exam P shortly after completing STA 310, and SOA Exam FM shortly after completing FIN 231.  For more information on these exams, consult the SOA.  Students are also strongly encouraged to seek an actuarial internship in the summer after their junior year.  

Students can apply for Validation by Education Experience (VEE) credit with the SOA after passing at least two actuarial exams.