It is expected that most work toward degrees offered by the Wake Forest University School of Business will be taken in the School of Business. For students wishing to transfer credit from other schools towards their major, the following general guidelines apply:

  1. All approvals for transfer credits from other institutions to the School of Business must be: 
    1. approved prior to admission into the School and will be limited to 6 hours for transfer students
    2. pre-approved before such courses are taken by non-transfer students
  2. Courses taken at AACSB accredited schools will be considered for transfer credit per (1) above. Transfer credit for all courses taken at schools not accredited by the AACSB generally requires a validation exam in order to be considered for transfer credit. 
  3. Study abroad transfer credit will be considered per (1) above for coursework taken through international programs sponsored by AACSB accredited schools or offered by select universities or programs approved by the School of Business faculty. Courses taken through international programs not meeting these qualifications will require a validation exam in order to be considered for transfer credit [per (1) above].
  4. Courses passed at another school with the minimum passing grade at that school may not be transferred.
  5. No work in courses from two-year schools will be accepted for major credit. 
  6. Courses taken elsewhere in subjects not offered at the School of Business will not necessarily count toward the hours required in the School of Business.
  7. A maximum of two courses (6 hours) may be transferred after admission into the School of Business from other institutions (including any approved economics course counting toward the major).  
  8. In some cases, students may apply up to 9 hours toward a School of Business major from a Wake Forest sponsored program – including the Wake Forest sponsored programs in Barcelona and London INSTEP.  A maximum of 6 hours of core requirements can be taken from these programs.
  9. Students earning more than 6 hours of School of Business credit through the Wake Forest Barcelona and/or London INSTEP Program may not also transfer credit from programs offered by institutions other than the Wake Forest School of Business.
  10.  Students entering the School of Business from Wake Forest College must take ACC 111 within the School of Business. Students transferring into the School of Business from another university must take a validation examination for ACC 111 to be eligible for transfer credit.

Students from Wake Forest College (non-School of Business majors) wishing to transfer business or accounting courses taken at other institutions towards credit as general electives in the College may do so upon review of that course’s description in the school’s catalog (and in some cases review of the syllabus for that course).