HIF 710. Health Informatics Today. (3 h)

A comprehensive overview of health informatics concepts, techniques, and emerging trends with a leadership lens.

HIF 712. Population Health & the American Healthcare System. (3 h)

Overview of healthcare delivery in the United States and Population Health.

HIF 714. Digital Health. (3 h)

The advancement of informatics in healthcare has allowed a convergence of digital technologies to improve overall quality, cost, health services outcomes, and patient experiences. This course will explore the theory, applied practice, and impact of current and emerging digital health technologies such as wearables, mobile health and Internet of Things, as well as electronic health records/clinical documentation systems for all demographics.

HIF 720. Healthcare Data Analytics. (3 h)

A comprehensive introduction to the current state of the science and practice of analytics in healthcare, including how to “tell the story” the numbers present. Core competency skills are achieved using a variety of learning methods to help students apply analytic techniques supporting data mining, visualization and data driven decision making.

HIF 722. Healthcare Databases. (3 h)

An introduction to the theory and application of database management systems.

HIF 730. Health Information Regulation, Privacy, and Security. (3 h)

A foundational exposure to legal and ethical issues related to health information privacy and security and the basic technological considerations to meet professional obligations in health informatics practice.

HIF 732. Healthcare Leadership & Impact. (3 h)

This course will explore leadership, organizational structure, effective team functioning and provide students with an understanding of the importance of developing high-quality relationships, the impact of motivation, power, and influence, and principles of corporate ethics, and health equity in healthcare. Students will identify and apply an understanding of how leadership principles and best practices impact the ability to manage a successful healthcare organization, project, or strategic imperative.

HIF 734. Quality and Patient Safety Management in Healthcare. (3 h)

This course covers the foundations for understanding and pursuing patient safety and quality of care outcomes within the current healthcare environment. Thoughtful consideration is given on how quality and safety from a global perspective can critically impact expectations within today’s healthcare environment.

HIF 751. Telehealth Today and Tomorrow. (3 h)

This course will provide an overview of the tools, techniques, and challenges associated with telehealth from an informatics perspective.

HIF 752. Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Health Informatics. (3 h)

This course will review the foundations of artificial intelligence (AI) with applications to the prevention, detection, diagnosis, and prognosis of diseases.

HIF 799. Capstone in Health Informatics. (3 h)

This course provides students the opportunity to incorporate knowledge, competencies, and skills obtained throughout the health informatics graduate program into a culminating health related capstone project. The project will be based in evidence validating the need for change as well as potential solutions for improvement that centers on quality of care, health disparities, and/or delivery of health services.