FTA 710. Financial Analytics. (3 h)

A foundation for statistical techniques in business, economics, and finance as applied to management decision-making.

FTA 712. Data Management. (3 h)

An introduction to relational databases, data management, and data mining.

FTA 714. Visual Analytics & Influencing. (3 h)

A survey of data visualization methods, techniques, and tools to facilitate the understanding of complex data and models.

FTA 720. Financial Technology Today. (3 h)

An introduction to trends, innovations, and uncertainties in financial services.

FTA 722. Emerging Technologies. (3 h)

An overview of blockchain, cryptocurrencies, cybersecurity, robo-advising, lending and payment systems, and other emerging financial technologies. This course will be updated regularly to reflect the latest trends in the field.

FTA 724. Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence. (3 h)

A survey of the foundations of machine learning, deep learning, and artificial intelligence. While learners will not engage in coding or the building of machine learning and AI tools, they will explore the application of these tools in finance.

FTA 730. Decision Making & Risk Management. (3 h)

A practical overview of making decisions in an uncertain business environment.

FTA 732. Managing Disruption & Innovation. (3 h)

An empowering course that highlights the forces of disruptive innovation in the finance industry.

FTA 751. Financial Markets & Institutions. (3 h)

An overview of the structure and functioning of US and international financial markets. Topics covered include banking theory, the roles of traditional and non-traditional financial intermediaries, the impact of securitization, international financial competition, financial system stability and financial regulation.

FTA 752. Emerging Applications & Entrepreneurship. (3 h)

A hands-on, case-study oriented immersion in how to build a business that involves financial technologies still on the horizon. Topics include opportunity identification, business model development, raising financing, building teams from the ground up, and nurturing new ventures. Learners will take an idea and explore how to successfully build a real product or service.

FTA 799. Capstone in Financial Technology & Analytics. (3 h)

An opportunity to integrate program content in a culminating experience that will enable an organization to advance its financial technology and analytical capabilities or enhance its fintech products/services.