FAH 710. Faith & Health Equity: Integrative Paradigms. (3 h)

This course is an exploration of current theory and knowledge about the intersection of faith and health.

FAH 712. Social and Ecological Determinants of Health. (3 h)

This course introduces students to social and ecological determinants of health, including issues related to health that consider behavioral, psychological and structural factors in population health beyond the healthcare system.

FAH 714. Spirituality and Community Health. (3 h)

This course explores how health equities can be cultivated at the intersections of spirituality and health. Students will consider how health systems function as loci for understanding brokenness and cultivating shalom in community. Students will also have opportunities as multi-disciplinary professional teams to imagine how to utilize course content in responding to case scenarios. By engaging case scenarios in consultation with community leaders, local data, and faith-based initiatives, students will cultivate skills as collaborative community change agents. In this course, students will: explore systemic issues at the intersection of spirituality and health, conduct multi-professional team analyses of community health, engage and lead collaboratively to respond to community needs.