EIL 710. Moral and Ethical Dimensions of Inclusive Leadership. (3 h)

This course investigates current theories and knowledge about the moral and ethical dimensions of inclusive leadership, and explores related leadership strategies.

EIL 712. Decision Making and Conflict Management. (3 h)

Against a backdrop of major social, economic, and cultural transitions, leaders need a deeper understanding of ethical decision-making and effective conflict management. At the same time, leaders’ decisions are often viewed from varied stakeholders' perspectives that are sometimes in tension with the leaders’ views and aims. This course equips students with knowledge and skills for navigating complex (and sometimes contentious) organizational landscapes.

EIL 714. Shaping an Ethical and Inclusive Organization. (3 h)

What tools do leaders need to lead sustainable transformation in organizations? How do leaders implement strategies to enhance diversity, equity, and inclusion in their organizations? What leadership skills and qualities are important as leaders envision, implement, and assess organizational changes infused with inclusive ethical decision-making? This course explores these questions and equips learners to shape an ethical and inclusive organization.