Director Lucas Johnston


This unique concentration encourages theoretical and practical exploration at the intersection of religion and public life, the concentration is open to all students, who want to explore the world and make a difference, regardless of their major or academic background.

Students can take what they learn in the classroom and apply it to the real world by engaging in public work through research projects, service-learning opportunities, and internships for academic credit. These internships can take our concentrators to various parts of the world.

By working with the most qualified professors in various specialties, students develop competence in public engagement in reciprocal collaboration with diverse communities regionally, nationally, and globally. Embracing the spirit of pro-humanitate, this concentration allows students to pursue their deepest interests and directs them towards community development consistent with internationally accepted standards of human rights and the highest academic standards of teaching, research and collaboration.

The student must achieve a B or higher in the concentration and complete the major degree of study for it to be noted on the transcript. The RPE director will certify completion of the concentration.