CDS 510. Nicaragua. (3 h)

CDS 512. Introduction to Research and Writing. (1 h)

This course will introduce students to writing and research in biblical and theological studies. Students will learn the foundational aspects of planning, writing, and revising academic papers as well as how to access and evaluate resources for research. We will also discuss important reading strategies, organizational practices, and appropriate citations.

CDS 612. Advanced Research and Writing. (1 h)

This course will introduce students to advanced writing and research methods in biblical and theological studies. Through assignments such as preparing annotations for specific types of research sources and learning strategies for completing significant writing projects, students will develop skills that will support their work in the School of Divinity and any future graduate degrees they may pursue.

CDS 701. Global Human Systems. (3 h)

This course will draw on anthropology, sociology, and health sciences to focus on the global social outcomes of decision making and resource management, with an emphasis on sustainability in cultural contexts. Topics that will be covered include sustainable community development, agricultural policy, the effects of sustainability policy choices on public and community health, and public policy regulating the built environment. Students will look at these through the lens of environmental ethics and learn to think critically about the interdependence of economic and environmental policy and community well-being. After studying sustainability initiatives in developing nations, they should be able to realistically assess the feasibility of development strategies in various societies.

CDS 712. Preparation for Advanced Study. (1 h)

This workshop, led by a variety of WFUSD faculty, offers a cohort and mentorship for students currently applying for doctoral and other advanced programs. Students will 1) narrow their choice of programs and potential advisers in their discipline; 2) refine a previous research project into a writing sample; 3) write and revise statements of purpose for each application; and 4) practice their interview skills. Prerequisites: a date to take the GRE if required by program, a completed research project in the student's discipline to workshop as a writing sample.

CDS 790. Topics. (1-3 h)

Courses in cross-disciplinary studies can be developed and offered on a one-time basis using this designation.

CDS 790A. Topics. (1-3 h)

CDS 790B. Topics. (1-3 h)

CDS 790C. Topics. (1-3 h)